Hunter NSW Blackbutt Flooring Project

Blackbutt is derived from the tree’s appearance after bushfire, which is marked by a significant darkening of its butt. It is also known as coastal blackbutt to distinguish it from the tableland species, New England blackbutt. Blackbutt is an ideal plantation timber due to its rapid growth and versatility. In New South Wales and southern […]

Wooden Deck Restoration Hunter NSW

Has Your Wooden Deck Lost Its Natural Look? Is it covered in algae and mold? Does the stain appear to be fading away? Is it cracked and ashy in appearance? Then it’s time to bring it back to life! Perfect Finish Flooring specialises in cleaning and staining wooden decks. We love transforming a faded wooden […]

Restoring Pine Floor Boards Hunter

Pine in Hunter Homes Pine, often called redwood, is cheaper and more plentiful than hardwoods, ranging from almost white to various shades of yellow to a deep, rich colour. For a softwood it’s often remarkably resilient and long-lasting, especially in the context of well looked after pine floors. The vast pine plantations in the NSW […]

How do I choose between solid and engineered wood flooring in Hunter?

An important question for Hunter region home-owners when buying wood flooring is: engineered or solid? Depending on where the wood flooring will be installed in the house, the answer will vary. A solid wood floor must be installed above ground level, meaning at least two or three feet above ground level. You can install engineered […]

Lime Wash Floors

White Wash Liming Your timber floors can be given a ‘milky white colour’ by applying Liming White Floor Finish as well as protection against wear and tear. Lime stain and clear polyurethane are used in combination to preserve the timber’s grain pattern whilst adding rich colour.  Lime Wash Floors Canberra Liming White Floor Finish does […]

Dinning Table Restoration

You Love It Just Because Over the years, you become accustomed to seeing a piece of furniture every day. Over time, seeing your beloved piece deteriorate is difficult. Especially with antiques and pieces that have been passed down the generations, furniture can have sentimental value. When sentimental pieces are restored and refinished, they can be […]

The Beauty of Natural Cork Flooring

Very Fireproof Cork has a fire rating of B2 which is extremely fireproof, which is a bonus for living Hunter coastal Australia. Having great thermal and acoustical insulative properties, Cork’s colourful and patterned tiles are suitable for floors, walls or ceilings. Installation is a breeze, making it suitable for any room in your home. Cork […]